Photography 201 Workshop


Photography 201 Workshop


Fast-track your photography and get out of Auto with this intermediate course that will teach you the skills you need to progress more quickly.

Who is this workshop for?

  • The intermediate who wants to learn how to take their photography to the next level
  • Anyone who may have taken my Photography 101 workshop

Here's what we will cover in this 4 hour course:

  • Camera Review - let's refresh our minds on the basics 
  • Exposure Triangle - key components to great exposure
  • Out of Auto - how you can use the exposure triangle to get out of auto fast
  • 3 Shots or Less - I will teach you how to get the perfect exposure in 3 shots using proven techniques. 
  • Composition I - key features of images with great composition; what to look for when traveling. 
  • Composition II - Framing, removing objects my moving you, leading lines, foreground, midground and background; rule of thirds.
  • Image review - we'll take a look at some of the images you captured and talk about what you liked and didn't like about them. 
  • Motion - capturing motion in the city while traveling. I will teach you how to show motion in your images while making your subject tack sharp.
  • City portraits - how to select a good background for your subject, use aperture to your advantage and we will work through getting the best light
  • Natural light - I will show you how to use natural light as a key light behind your subject, how to know when to use lens flare appropriately and how to not become a "natural light photographer"
  • Pulling it together and telling a story - as we photograph more, we will discuss how to bring together all of the things we learned to tell a great travel story with images. 
Let's Do This!

Prerequisites for this workshop:

  • A desire to learn, grow and have fun!
  • Functioning DSLR camera
  • Camera bag
  • Tripod (optional)
  • Any additional lenses that you may have

What people are saying about this workshop:

I thought the most helpful parts of the workshop were: Exposure Triangle, Getting Out of Auto and Perfect Exposure in 3 Shots or Less.
— Spring student
I thought that you were very good at breaking down the subject matter into bite-sized pieces. Once you taught a specific point, you made sure to confirm that it was fully understood before moving on to the next item. That’s a mark of a good teacher!
— Summer student
I thought that the course was extremely helpful. It was a good combination of “learning” and “doing”. That is, each point that was taught was matched with practical exercises. That balance of information and practice really helped to lock in the lessons.
— Summer student