Photography 101 Workshop


Photography 101 Workshop


Who is this workshop for?

  • The beginner who really wants to learn how to use their DSLR camera and get the best pictures possible

2 hour, 1-1 Photography Workshop covering the following:

  • Know your camera - I will teach you what all those settings on your camera mean, when to use them and how to configure your camera's menu options for optimal performance. 
  • Exposure - learn about how to get the proper exposure using the correct shutter speed, ISO and aperture settings; You'll get one of my cheat cards to easily reference as we take photographs. This gets you out of shooting on Auto mode so that you have full control over the camera and get better photographs.
  • Composition - I will teach you what to look for when you compose your photos. How to place things in the foreground to make your images have more depth and make them more interesting. I will teach you about leading lines and how to use them to draw the viewer into the subject and much more. 
  • Auto Focus - We'll look at focus modes and practice situations that will utilize each focus mode. You will learn when to use each one during different situations. 
  • Aperture - I will teach you how to use aperture to get the depth of field you are looking for in your images whether it is a blurred background behind your subject or a tack sharp landscape with lots of depth in the image.
  • Light - I will teach you how to use natural light to your advantage when taking portrait photos. 
  • Gear - We will discuss how to take care of your gear and what lenses are good for various situations.
  • Laminated exposure cheat card
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Prerequisites for this workshop:

  • A desire to learn, grow and have fun!
  • Functioning DSLR camera
  • Camera bag
  • Tripod (optional)
  • Any additional lenses that you may have

What people are saying about this workshop:

The most helpful parts of the workshop were the Exposure Triangle and Getting Out of Auto.
— Fall Student
I enjoyed our time together and appreciated your patience with a newbie. Your “test” questions sprinkled throughout the session helped me actively reflect on what I had learned.
— Summer Student
I liked that the workshop was tailored to my level of experience. I was looking for a starting point and your class provided introductory skills for me to build on. After I spend some time practiving these skills, I will be back for additional lessons in the future!
— Summer Student