Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your questions addressed here, I'm really not hiding anything. I may have just not heard the question yet!

 Please feel free to contact me anytime to get your questions answered. I reply to every inquiry I receive. 



What's your style?

Well, some have described the way I dress as "edgy", but I pretty much like outdoor brands and support the ones that care about the environment and stand up to take care of this great world that we live in. 

Oh, you mean my photography style? I prefer to create images that are vibrant with color, TackSharp™ and portray an outdoor lifestyle.

What do you mean by TackSharp™?

Photographers often refer to an image that has crisp and sharp qualities as being "tack sharp". I have trademarked this term and use it to describe the image quality that I produce and to brand some of my products. You will always find that my production images are focused in the right places that draw attention to the subject in each photograph.

Who's images are on your website?

All of the images on my website were taken by me and I own the rights to them. They are protected by federal copyright laws and should never be copied or changed without my consent. 

If you would like a copy of an image for your desktop or mobile device wallpaper, just ask. I make these available for FREE as a thank you to people who support my work. 

Do you perform commissioned work for individuals or organizations?

The answer here is both! Yes. I create images and video for individuals and companies. I find that I really enjoy taking a client's idea and creatively making it a reality for them. I do this a lot with product photography and this sets me apart from other photographers that only shoot products in a studio. You can send me into the mountains any day to capture your concept and I will enjoy every minute.

How do I schedule a photography, videography or drone session with you?

You can place your request on my website here or give me a call at 970-818-2355 (a special note to those wonderful sales people out there - no solicitations please).