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LIFEACTÍV Power Pack Review

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A big shout out to LifeProof for allowing me to capture some photographs and write a review for this device. I am now a LifeProof Ambassador so expect to see more reviews on LifeProof products in the future!

I have never been a fan of taking additional power packs with me on my adventures, until now. Most of them are bulky or add too much weight to my backpack. Add that to a pack full of camera gear and you have a recipe for back problems. However, I am impressed with the lightweight, waterproof and rugged design of this one and I know it will become an every day piece of equipment in my backpack. 

The LIFEACTÍV Power Pack can literally become a lifesaver in the backcountry by giving your devices an extra charge or four to keep them running on short trips. Most likely, you won't have cellular signal, but think about how this device can charge your GPS or avalanche transceiver and you will see the value right away.


Day hikes, overnight backcountry sleepovers and generally anytime you need a few additional battery charges for your mobile devices. 


$79.99 Black with options for purchasing additional cables to compliment the device


My overall experience with this product was a good one. I put it to the test in the great outdoors and in my photography studio.

The first impression that this device gave me was one of durability. The case is fully enclosed and waterproof up to 6.6 feet for one hour. It has a rugged finish and a stylish look. It also feels good in the hand and doesn't slip. 

The front of the battery pack has a single button with 4 LEDs that displays its status. Four solid LEDs means that the pack is charging a device. When not charging, press the button once to see how much battery charge is left in 25% increments. Press and hold the button down and the white LEDs on the front edge will illuminate and serve as a flashlight. Press again and it will turn on the red LEDs which are great for night camping and photography. There's also a blink mode in case you get into trouble and need to get someone's attention for help.

When charging my iPhone 6s with the device, I was able to get 4 full charges out of the battery pack. Each time took three hours to get my phone charged at 100% without using either device during that time. This seemed like a long period of time to me and my one wish is that it charge faster 🙏

Do you need to calculate how many charges you will get out of a battery pack like this? The number of charges does depend on the device you are charging and its draw, how much you use the white and red flashlights and how long it sits between charges. However, a good rule of thumb is to divide the mAh of the power bank by the number of mAh of your target device battery. This will give you a pretty good idea on how many charges you will get out of the battery pack. To find the mAh of your target device battery, head on over to the device manufacturer's website and look at the specs online. It will be listed there for you.


Turn on the red LED and set this device in your bag during night time photography preparations. It will make it very easy to find things in your bag and will not interfere with your photographs!


👍 Waterproof, lightweight for a battery pack, sleek LifeProof case design, red LEDs are a plus and charging indicators are a great value add.

👎 No integrated solar charging available. This would be a nice feature for backcountry users.


  • Dimensions:  6.72" x 2.96" x .70" / 170.8 mm x 75.1 mm x 17.74 mm

  • Weight:  8.8 oz / 250 g

  • Power:  10,000 mAh battery

  • Energy Saving:  auto-stop charge technology

  • Quick Charge: rapid recharge saves on socket time

  • Survives Depth:  6.6 feet / 2 meters underwater for 1 hour - Charge port door must be closed

  • Drop Height:  4 feet / 1.2 meters

The LIFEACTÍV Power Pack. I recommend you take one on your next outdoor adventure and extend the life of your devices on the trail!

➳ LifeProof provided equipment and associated materials for this review.